Portia Project

Law School

The Portia Project is a Eugene-based organization that was formed in 2002 to provide legal assistance to incarcerated women. Specifically, the Project provides assistance to women housed in the Coffee Creek correctional facility, located in Wilsonville, Oregon.

The major past and present activities of The Portia Project have as their objectives: informing incarcerated parents about their rights and responsibilities with respect to their minor children, working for the release of women prisoners who may have been wrongfully convicted or have demonstrated that they are fully rehabilitated, educating the public about the problems presented by the rapid growth of our nation's prison population, and ascertaining the unmet needs of incarcerated women and devising programs to meet them.

While the project works closely with the University, it is a separate and independent legal entity and receives no University funding, subsisting almost entirely on the efforts of volunteers.

Professor Barbara Aldave


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